I’ve never been to Portugal or Taiwan – but in a weird kind of way, part of me is there now. I was delighted to learn that my Hopeless Heroes books have been published in other languages! My time travelling main character, Tim Baker, is now being read in more countries around the world. My wonderful publishers, Sweet Cherry Publishing, have told me it’ll be out in Romanian soon. I’ve got my fingers crossed that a Greek publisher will take them up one day. It’d be so cool if the stories that originated in Greece end up back there, via the UK and Australia!


The Taiwanese version is being serialised in a bilingual magazine, with all new illustrations. As much as I love Nick Roberts’ gorgeous drawings, it’s fun seeing another artist’s take on Tim and his adventures.

The Portuguese version looks identical to the English version, except for the language of course. Ola!












If only I could grab onto Tim’s magical vase and travel through time and space. I know where I’d like to go! If you could go anywhere, anywhen – where would you go?



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