Hopeless Heroes is a fun-filled adventure series based on Greek mythology. I’m so excited to be able to combine my life-long love of mythology – thanks to my Greek parents! – with engaging characters and hilarious situations. Readers aged 7+ will love the thrills and giggles 🙂 Published by Sweet Cherry UK. Free audio book with each copy! The 10 books in the series are listed below the following trailer!

Nominated for the Lancashire’s Fantastic Books award, 2019

Here Comes Hercules

When Tim Baker breaks his mum’s favourite vase, it’s the least of his problems. The Greek hero he’s released is in danger of doing far worse. To the flowers, the rug—Oh, no! Not the kitchen!

Hercules is only trying to be helpful but he’s just hopeless. It’s time to send this dim demigod home before Tim becomes ancient history.

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Hera’s Terrible Trap

Tim Baker thinks his adventures are over until he hitches a ride to Ancient Greece on a stolen vase. Soon Tim finds himself trapped with an army of peacocks and a hero who can’t stop admiring himself.

Put that mirror down, Theseus!

Thank the gods his new friend Zoe is there to help. Just don’t tell her dad…

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Arachne’s Golden Gloves

How do you bring a statue to life? Tim and Zoe think they know. If only Jason would help and someone didn’t keep looking at them like flies in a web. Juicy, wriggly, yummy–
Enough, Arachne!
Oh well, at least the time-travelling vase is in good hands. Well, god hands. The god of thieves and liars’ hands. Uh oh …


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Problems with Pythagoras

Tim Baker’s got problems: he’s failing maths, banished from Ancient Greece, and confused about what to call Mum’s new boyfriend. What makes a good father anyway? Is it strength, courage and–


–like Hercules believes? Is it attractiveness? Wisdom? Intelligence? Does it have anything to do with beans? Let the Labours of Larry/Mr Green begin!


Apollo’s Mystic Message

Why is Tim’s picture on an ancient oil flask at the British Museum? Is Hera planning to trap him with it? How? When?

Tim needs a god who can see the future … I said A GOD WHO CA – And I said no autographs!

 Only one thing’s certain: with puking punks, pomegranate grenades and possible butterfly tornadoes, it’s about to get chaotic.



Jason’s Wild Winds

All Tim wanted was advice on keeping his model boat afloat, but when Zoe is injured, only Jason and the Argonut can help him to save her.

Loose the sail, little bro!

There’s no joyriding allowed, but with bronze men and Grey Women – not to mention an old wind bag to deal with, Tim’s still got that sinking feeling…



Circe’s Beastly Feast

It could be Tim’s last time in Ancient Greece, but instead of saying goodbye, he’s busy trading song
titles with Apollo, delivering a package to Narcissus, escaping from Hera and–

Holy moly!

–making a pig of himself at Circe’s table. Meanwhile his friends have forgotten who he is, so who will
save him when it all goes wrong

Odysseus’ Trojan Trick


Agatha has been taken prisoner and it’s up to Tim and friends to save her. But how? They’d have to
trick Hera, sneak into her fortress, past her army – it seems impossible!
Impossible? Did I say it was impossible when–

Okay, Odysseus, but Hera’s soldiers are armed to the teeth, tempers are hot, and who ever heard of
a Trojan Peacock?


Hades’ Pet Hellhound

What the Hades? Tim’s used to solo time-travel but now there’s a `friend’ along for the ride.

I’ll get you for this, Cinderella!

When things go south after some bird spotting, Tim has to avoid being burnt alive, eaten alive or

dead alive. But the Underworld is full of dangers, and the local music isn’t exactly lifting his spirits.


Time’s Up Tim

Breaking news: Hera is loose in the modern day and giving London an Ancient Greek makeover. That
is until her son arrives to steal her thunder.

Did someone say thunder?

Tim’s final adventure is an A to Z of Olympic family drama, and all he has to help is a box he can’t
open. Where curiosity was Pandora’s weakness, can hope bring our hero strength?








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