Join Ellie and Blake as they start new lives in a new town and a mysterious old building. They’ve only just met, but already they share a magical secret: they can talk to animals! That could prove useful with Ellie’s mum opening a cat cafe, but the cafe is under threat from a greedy property developer – unless Ellie and Blake can stop him.

With engaging illustrations and quirky talking animals, Magic Animal Cafe is perfect for animal lovers and young readers aged 7+. Published by Sweet Cherry UK. The first book in the 5-part series is out now!

Herriot the Caretaker Mouse

Ellie and her mum are starting a new life in a new town and a very, very old building. They’re opening a cat café, but there’s a lot to do first – like welcoming the Andersons.

Ellie doesn’t want to share her home with strangers, especially Blake and his energetic puppy, Choccy. But when Ellie and Blake discover a magical old phone and a mouse determined to get rid of them, they’ll have to find a way to all get along together.

Shazza the Homesick Cockatoo

Worried about the future of the cat café, Ellie and Blake investigate a rumour at the local park. It’s the perfect place to test their new ability to understand animals – and there’s a bird who’s happy to talk.

Shazza the cockatoo is loud, bossy and obsessed with ‘numnums’. All she wants is to return to Australia. But for now she’ll settle for inviting herself home with Ellie and Blake, who soon learn that getting along with animals can be just as hard as getting along with people.

Robbie the Rebel Squirrel

Along with her friend Blake, Ellie is desperately searching for answers about what happened to her great-grandfather years ago. But when they get caught up in the middle of an animal war in the local park, they have more pressing things to think about.

Robbie the red squirrel and his clan are clashing with the bigger, meaner grey squirrels. As Robbie bravely stands up to the Greys, Ellie and Blake do their best to stop the squirrels from fighting and bring peace to the park.

Sebastian the Fancy Fox

When their classmate Felicity visits the cat café and fiddles with the magical old phone, Ellie and Blake panic that their secret is under threat. Before they can find out if Felicity can understand animals too, a new face shows up at the door.

New to the park, Sebastian and his fox friends are causing quite a stir, scaring squirrels and chasing mice. When Felicity’s dog Princess gets so frightened that she runs away, Ellie and Blake must use their ability to truly understand Sebastian – and bring Princess home.

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