I particularly enjoy writing engaging educational material for both primary and high school students, as well as teachers’ resource books. I’ve learnt so many fascinating things along the way and it’s an honour to be able to share my love of learning with students all around the country!


Legal Studies Interactive Instant Lessons: The Australian Legal System, Civil Laws and Processes, Criminal Laws and Processes; Blake Education

Legal Studies Casebooks: Preliminary course, HSC course; McGraw Hill

law in australia

The Law in Australia series: Making the Law, Breaking the Law; Heinemann Library; Children’s Book Council List of Notable Books 2008

NAPLAN Language Conventions, years 3 and 5; Blake Education


Achievement Standards Assessment books, years 5 and 6, Language and Comprehension; Blake Education

Contributor to Financial Review Case Studies with Business News, Volumes 1-4

Government in Australia series: Political Parties, Federal Government, State Government, Local Government; Pearson Library

world issues

World Issues Come to Australia series: Climate Change, Terrorism, Euthanasia, Obesity, Tourism; Pearson Library

Gross and frightening fact series, Pascal Press; also published in USA by Mason Crest; Winner of Whitley Award 2015 for best children’s series


Targeting General Capabilities: years 3-4 & years 5-6


Co-writer of Excel Opportunity Class Tests

mike the spike

Mike the Spike, New Frontier publishing, on Premier’s reading challenge list

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