I just received the most amazing email from a teacher at Chellaston Junior School in Derby, England. Her Year 3 class have been reading Here Comes Hercules, book 1 in my Hopeless Heroes series.

The books revolve around Greek mythology, and are often used in UK schools as part of their studies of Ancient Greece – which delights me no end! But now I’ve got even more to be excited about.

They were reading the book in class, and the teacher stopped the story at the part where Leo held the magic time-travelling vase and threatened to smash it if Hercules didn’t appear. The children had to decide what happened next. The class talked about it and came up with a few ideas. The children then wrote the next part. What a great idea for a writing activity!

The teacher was kind enough to send me some of the stories. I must say, I was blown away! What talented students! I had so much fun reading their stories. I’d say there are some future writers in there, and I’m honoured to think that I may have inspired them in some way 🙂 You can read them in the slideshow below. Thank you so much to the teacher and students of Chellaston Junior School!

2 thoughts on “The talented students of Chellaston Junior School!

  1. Ellie E says:

    Fantastic stories from the children and how great that you have inspired them.

    1. Stella says:

      Thank you, I feel very honoured to be a part of their reading journey 🙂

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