Writing for kids is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. I love being transported to a simpler, brighter place where adult problems fade into the background and you see the world through the eyes of a child again. I’ve taken a bit of a break from fiction while writing educational books and mini-documentaries (which is also hugely enjoyable). But now I’m back!

After writing my Greek mythology inspired Hopeless Heroes series, I wasn’t quite sure where to go next. More myths-type stories, most likely. Meanwhile, Sweet Cherry Publishing were coming up with ideas of their own. When they asked me to write a series about a magical cat cafe, I jumped at the chance! It was something new for me, so I did what I always do when a new opportunity comes along – throw myself in head first and hope I land on my feet!

And this is what I’ve got to show for it so far 🙂

Doesn’t the cover of book 1 of the Magic Animal Café look great! There are many illustrations throughout and it’s amazing seeing my words brought to life by a talented illustrator.

It’s quite a different experience fleshing out and realising someone else’s vision. There’s a lot more back and forth with the editors as we build up the series, and I’m enjoying the team work aspect of it. While they set the foundations, I had the privilege of coming up with the details and storylines. The stories combine my life-long love of animals (who else but an animal lover would call a mouse Herriot?) with my interest in old phones (I have an antique phone collection) and my delight in creating quirky characters. I’ve just signed off on book 5 – and there are another 5 to go!

And best of all, I’m finally a cartoon! Here’s the picture of me they created for the inside cover 🙂 Quite a good likeness, I think.

6 thoughts on “Introducing the Magic Animal Cafe!

  1. OpenHands says:

    Very nice!!! And I love the illustration of you 😄

    1. Stella says:

      Thank you 🙂

  2. tashazwick says:

    We’re excited to hear about your new book!

    1. Stella says:

      Thank you so much! I’m happy to be sharing the news 🙂

  3. Kerry Little says:

    Congratulations Stella, Thank you for sending this email, thrilled to hear of this latest project and contract of yours. I was inspired by your workshop that I attended at SSCCollege, and am just completing the Master reading to Write course, by Tegan Daylight, at Varuna. I am now ready to write my own stories, having helped 20 + people to record their life journey. Thanks for staying in touch, Fare-thee-well for now, Kerry Little The little biographer Sent from my iPad


    1. Stella says:

      Hi Kerry, thanks for your kind words and for getting in touch. I’m happy to hear your writing is going so well!

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