It’s always so exciting to see what others think of my books. Thank you to Bookread2day for the lovely review!


Magic Animal Cafe Sebastian the Fancy Fox By Stella Tarakson

Illustrated By Fabiana Attanasio

Paperback published by Sweet Cherry Publishing 23rd February 2023 🍒

The 4th Book in the Magic Animal Cafe Series

When their classmates Felicity visits tact café and fiddles with the magical old phone, Ellie and Blake panic that their secret is under threat. Before they can find out if Felicity can understand animals too, a new face shows up at the door.

New to the park, Sebastianand his fox friends are causing quite a stir, scaring squirrels and chasing mice. When Felicity’s dog Princess gets so frightened that she runs away, Ellie and Blake must use their ability to truly understand Sebastian and bring princess home.


A property developer who wanted to by the building Ellie’s grandfather used to live in, but Ellie’s mum refused to sell it to him, as her mum…

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