It’s not often that authors get to enjoy some glamour. Writing is a lot of hard work, and there aren’t many opportunities to kick back and enjoy the fruits of our labours. So I was pleasantly surprised when I clicked on an email from the Greek Festival of Sydney organisers, and saw that it contained invitations to some exciting events. The official launch at a reception venue overlooking Botany Bay, and a (wait for it!) cocktail cruise on Sydney Harbour! I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

The Greek Festival of Sydney is an annual event that’s now entering its 36th year. This is the first time I’ve been involved, and I’m delighted with the warm welcome I’ve received. I’d sent the organisers a tentative email explaining that my Greek-mythology based books were about to be released, and would they be interested in my running an event as part of the festival? Their enthusiasm and encouragement was wonderful. Within days, plans were being made.

The 11-week long cultural program has now begun. My role’s not until late April, so I’ll blog more about what I’m doing as it approaches. For now, I’ll just say that I’m lucky enough to be able to launch my Hopeless Heroes series at the University of Sydney’s Nicholson Museum. I’ll also be doing an author talk and workshop at St Peters Library. I can’t wait!

Until then, come along to the festival. It’s run by the Greek Orthodox Community of New South Wales, established 120 years ago. The events are spread out all across town. From concerts, to plays, talks, exhibitions, documentaries, food, dances … the list goes on.

It’s about celebrating who we are, who we were, and where we’re going. Greece and the Greek people have changed a lot over the millennia. We’ve spread across the world and adopted new homes. But some things haven’t changed – we still love life, family, friendship and hospitality! Thank you so much to the festival organisers for the stellar treatment. The champagne was excellent.

6 thoughts on “Getting the star treatment … at the Greek Festival of Sydney

  1. Love the photo of you. Enjoy the spoils.

    1. Stella says:

      Thank you. I certainly am enjoying it!

  2. You totally deserve to be treated like a star, Stella. And the people who will listen to your talk at the university are in for a treat, I’m sure.
    Great photo by the way!

    1. Stella says:

      Thanks Evelyne! Very nice of you 🙂

  3. bethloria says:

    You are seriously blessed Stella. It’s lovely to partake of such royal treatment for all your hard work. Well done. xx

    1. Stella says:

      Thanks Elizabeth, I do indeed feel blessed!

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