aliensDid a UFO drag a family’s car off the road in the middle of the outback? Is there really such thing as the gleaming-eyed swamp monster known as the bunyip? How did rocks rain from the sky in WA?  And just what became of the prime minister who went into the surf and was never seen again?

Sure, you’ve heard about UFO sightings in far-flung corners of the United States. You’ve heard of Scotland’s Loch Ness Monster. You may have even watched a late-night show exploring conspiracy theories surrounding missing media tycoons. But these stories are for grown-ups, and mostly from overseas. Then there are some stories that are so mysterious that only kids can handle them! Aliens, Ghosts and Vanishings is a book for young readers, all about the extra-terrestrials, the supernatural and bizarre disappearances in our very own backyard. It’s ideal for readers aged 10 to 15, or for anyone who has the burning curiosity of a child!

I’ve always wanted to write a book like this, and absolutely loved researching all these amazing events. I hadn’t realised just how many strange things have happened on our own shores – hauntings, sightings, disappearances. I’m delighted that the book was taken on by Penguin Random House, who did a marvellous job bringing it to life. Richard Morden’s illustrations are brilliant!

I wanted to share my interest in the bizarre with young readers – but I wanted to go further than that. This book doesn’t just relate the (albeit juicy) tales. It encourages critical thinking skills. I don’t force any conclusion onto the readers. Rather, I encourage them to look behind the claims. To ask themselves why people say the things they do. When someone makes an outlandish claim, are they lying, mistaken, or simply telling the truth? Everything needs to be judged on its own merits, maintaining a healthy balance of open-mindedness and scepticism.

Oh, and by the way, I’ve seen a ghost.

Yes. Really.

6 thoughts on “Aliens, Ghosts and Vanishings … Strange and Possibly True Australian Stories!

  1. This new book of yours, Stella, sounds like just the thing to read on a stormy night when the thunder crashes above your roof, or when the flying foxes make their eerie cries in the tree right outside your caravan, as they did last night. I’m looking forward to reading this one. Congratulations on another job well done.

  2. Stella says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth. You express things so very beautifully!

  3. Congratulations on another great read!!!!

    1. Stella says:

      Thank you so much!

  4. Vasudha says:

    Congratulations on another stellar effort! 😉

    1. Stella says:

      Thank you – I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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