Due to tight publishing deadlines, I haven’t been blogging much lately. You’ve probably noticed … at least, I hope you have! I’ve missed it – nothing beats WordPress for writerly interaction! But now that my new series has been released, I think it’s about time I showed you what’s been keeping me so busy.

I’ve been channelling my inner child. More specifically, my inner warped geekling who loves weird animals almost as much as jokes about farts and bums. It’s resulted in this educational yet highly enjoyable series published by Pascal Press.

Gross & interesting facts about Aussie animals!

Full of gross and frightening facts about Aussie animals, the titles should give you a pretty good idea what the books are about – and why I had so much fun writing them!

  • That’s Sick
  • That’s Stinky
  • That’s Scary
  • That’s Lethal
  • That’s Bizarre
  • That’s Freaky

Here’s how the publisher describes them:

About this series: Fans of the highly successful That’s Gross! Weird & Disgusting Aussie Animals book will find much more to squirm at with squeamish delight in this new stomach-churning series written by Stella Tarakson. Featuring everything from offensive odours to prehistoric puke, these feral facts are not for the faint-hearted! Combining natural history, science and a sense of humour, these books are sure to keep kids entertained while they learn.

To celebrate, I’m offering a giveaway of one book from the series. All you need to do to enter is to write something in the comments section. Maybe tell me which stomach-churning title tickles your fancy the most. I’ll pick a name at random and announce the winner June 10.

As for what’s keeping me busy right now … I wish I could blab, but I can’t say too much about it just yet. I’m writing a book for Random House about something that’s fascinated me since childhood. I’m in a complete lather of excitement as I write, so you can probably guess it’s not another law book! I’ll say more when publication approaches, but for now, here’s a hint. BOO!




10 thoughts on “New book giveaway – ‘That’s Freaky!’

  1. My boys won’t be able to get enough of theses!

  2. They look fantastic Stella…and yes, I had noticed you had been quiet lately. I’m impressed at how busy you’ve been! Good luck with sales! I know lots of kids who would love these books 🙂

  3. Vas says:

    What a great series!! Well done! It’s slightly alarming how many lethal animals Australia seems to have :S
    Ooh looking forward to your next book – how mysterious!

  4. Michael Cottier says:

    Hi Stella 🙂

    Happy Wednesday 🙂

    YaY publishing fun 🙂 well done again 🙂

    See you about an hour 🙂



    Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2015 00:38:14 +0000 To: michaelrosscottier@hotmail.com

  5. Mel says:

    My 7yo homeschooled boy would love all these fun titles, Aussie animals, farts, bums and the stinky, the freaky, and the bizarre, are all topics of great interest in our home 🙂

  6. Lee says:

    Lol…. These look awesome. Truly a kid at heart.
    Good luck with the series, lee

  7. Erica Hunt says:

    That’s Stinky…. My boy’s would devour these books over and over again 🙂

  8. Vicki Nicolaou says:

    Hi Stella,
    Congratulations on the book series! My son is 12 years old and still enjoys toilet humour and would indeed have a good chuckle reading your books.
    Wishing you the very best.

  9. Karen Nixon says:

    I think That’s Stinky will hold universal appeal!

  10. Stella says:

    Thanks everyone! It’s good to see there are people that value farts and pukes as much as I do 🙂 The winner is Vicki Nicolaou. Please send me your postal details via the contact page. I hope your son likes it!

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