I’m dreaming of a white Christmas …

… Just like the ones I never knew …

For me – and for most Australians – Christmas days are long, hot and lazy. The sweet smell of mangoes, the salty tang of beach air, the heavy haze of humidity. No chestnuts roasting on an open fire, no Jack Frost nipping at my nose. Just humidity, heat, and … did I mention the humidity?

Neuschwanstein Castle II

Neuschwanstein Castle

But like many Australians, I’ve grown up with British and American books and movies. Idyllic images of snowmen and sleigh rides haunted my childhood, and I’ve always wanted to try eggnog – whatever that is! If only I could experience a wintry Christmas, at least once in my life…

So this year, we’re heading up north! We’ve bought snow gear (it looks amazingly uncomfortable), and lined up a house-sitter with a big dog (in case any burglars are reading this and getting ideas) and we’ll soon be on our way! Horray!

We’re going on a German White Christmas tour, with Christmas day in the Bavarian Alps. No guarantee it’ll snow, but the chances are good. We’ll be visiting an incredible fairytale castle, as well as some Christmas markets. Then to top it all off, New Years’ Eve in Paris. Weeee!! The trip of a lifetime! Maybe I’ll get some story ideas – or maybe I’ll be too full of pudding and eggnog to worry about it!

So, I won’t be posting anything for the next few weeks.Thanks to all my readers for casting an eye over my blog. I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a peaceful 2015!

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  1. Huw Williams

    Sounds amazing! I’m approaching my ninth summer Christmas and I still haven’t got used to it. Granted, we usually get rain rather than snow in Wales, but Christmas trees and carols just don’t seem the same when the thirty-degree weather is in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit. Have a great trip! Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for another book.

  2. Can I come too? Sounds like you’ll have so much fun. Love markets and snow markets sounds as if it could be something good in a story. God bless your amazing trip and take lots of photos to share when you return. Love, Eliz xxx

  3. Absolutely fabulous! Hope the weather is kind – we took the kids to see Neuschwanstein in January and it was so foggy it had disappeared! Difficult for something so big. Merry Christmas.

  4. This is so cool, Stella! Isn’t it amazing that for some of us it is the other way around? I had never lived a warm winter until I spent one Christmas in southern California. Still it’s not like Australia. I’m sure you will love the scenic Alps. I smiled when I read about the winter clothes being uncomfortable. They are! You might miss your flip flops and shorts after a while. But the beauty will fill you with lots of memories and you’ll take amazing photos.
    I wish you and your family a wonderful white Christmas.

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