The blogsphere is a very large place. It can also be a very intimidating one. There are so many blogs out there, how can anyone find their way around? And how can they possibly find little old me?

wordpress-logo-teaserThat’s one of the reasons I like WordPress. It’s a fairly tight community and, as I’ve discovered, an extraordinarily friendly one. People find you simply because you’re on the same blog platform as them. But what about other web surfers?

It took me a while to really get my head around social media, but I’ve finally discovered such things as blog directories, sort of like a modern take on the Yellow Pages. More experienced users are probably going ‘duh!’ right now, but for me it was a revelation!

directoryI stumbled across the Blog Chicks directory and was immediately hooked. It’s a community for like-minded female bloggers to share their blogs and experiences. It showcases the talents of over 3500 Australian women bloggers.

There are regular meetups and webinars. Their facebook page also helps members connect. They have a zero-tolerance policy: no negativity or toxic gossip.

I decided to apply to add my blog to the directory. The conditions are you have to be a female living in Australia, with a blog over 3 months old containing at least 10 posts. Tick, tick and tick. You select a category (there are many). Mine’s writing, of course. All blogs are moderated before they are permitted to go on the directory. I’ve discovered lots of great blogs by combing though the site. It’s made the blogsphere smaller and even friendlier.

Any bloggers out there care to add their own blog directory listings? Feel free to write them in the comments box 🙂

10 thoughts on “Navigating the blogsphere: blog directories

  1. You’ve done it again. You have pulled me away from my needlework and lit a match under and behind and off I go again. Ta. Do you think the sex of my avatar will pose a problem?

    1. Stella says:

      I think Karagiozi’s sex life is no one’s concern but his 🙂 It shouldn’t be a problem. Have you got your beautifully girly name anywhere on your blog?

      1. On the, “about” page.

      2. Stella says:

        That should so. Go for it!

  2. hramatheson says:

    Hi Stella, as you got me into blogging in the first place, maybe I should have a look at this.

    1. Stella says:

      Yes, good idea! I hope you’re enjoying blogging, it’s coming along very well!

  3. What a great thing that this bloggers directory! You’re right it is sometimes overwhelming to know where to start. WordPress is cool to get connected with others but it can also involve a lot of time to find the people who share our interests. A directory is the ideal solution. Now I have to see what we have in the States. Thanks for sharing, Stella.

    1. Stella says:

      I’m sure you have something similar. Maybe too many – making it hard to choose between them. You might need a directory directory!

      1. I actually just found one.

      2. Stella says:

        Hah! Well done! Would you like to share the link?

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