Books for young people

aliensAliens, Ghosts and Vanishings: strange and possibly true Australian stories
Penguin Random House
For ages 10-15, or for anyone with the burning curiosity of a child!

On the Children’s Book Council List of Notable Books 2017!





Gross and frightening facts series:
TThat's Grosshat’s Sick!
That’s Stinky!
That’s ScaryI
That’s Lethal!
That’s Bizarre!
That’s Freaky!
Pascal Press

Winner of Whitley Award 2015 for best children’s series!


naplanNAPLAN-style Language Conventions years 3 & 5
Blake Education





law in australia

The Law in Australia series
Making the Law and Breaking the Law
Pearson Library
10-14 year olds

On the Children’s Book Council List of Notable Books 2008!



govtThe Government in Australia series
Political Parties, Federal Government, State and Territory Government, Local Government
Pearson Library
10-14 year olds




world issuesWorld Issues Come to Australia series
Climate Change, Terrorism, Euthanasia, Obesity, Tourism
Pearson Library
12-16 year olds




ASAAchievement Standards Assessment series
Comprehension years 5 & 6
Language years 5 & 6
Blake Education






casebooksLegal Studies Casebook yrs 11 & 12
McGraw Hill





interactiveLegal Studies Interactive Instant Lessons
The Australian Legal System, Civil Laws and processes, Criminal Laws and processes
Blake Education




 mike the spikeMike the Spike
New Frontier Publishing, Ages 7+
Mike is proud of his spikey hair. Small for his age, his spikes make him look taller and very grown up. To his horror, he discovers he has lice. The great hat parade is only two days away and he longs to win a prize for best hat. But how can he, when he can’t stop scratching long enough to make one?

Available through bookstores, online, and direct from the publisher. See free teachers’ notes and classroom activities

First prize in CYA Conference 2013


Tim Baker and the Ancient Curse
Sweet Cherry Publishing, Ages 8-12
The first in the Gormless Gods and Hapless Heroes series, humorous adventure stories based on Greek mythology.