A wonderful fellow blogger had the smart idea of doing a post about books set in foreign lands. Evelyne Holingue is a Frenchwoman who now lives and writes in the US. She is the author of ‘Chronicles from Chateau Moines’, a young adult novel that deals with racial tensions in France. She was kind enough to include my humble junior novel ‘Mike the Spike’ – Australia is foreign to most of the world, after all! There are some great books in this list and well worth a read 🙂

Evelyne Holingue

Long before I left my native France for the United States I already loved novels set in different countries. They allowed me to escape my familiar for the unknown.

Living abroad, in my experience, is discovering the unknown, day after day, not only for the time of a book. Although I am now at home in the US, I will always keep a special fondness for stories set in foreign lands.

Today I invite you to meet six authors who write from the United States, Canada and Australia and chose a foreign setting for their books. I asked them to share the inspiration for the location.

Since I write for both adults and children these authors, all women, represent a large spectrum from children’s picture books to adults’ novels. Stella and Jennifer’s books don’t exactly fit the requirement, but you’ll see why I still wanted to have them here.


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2 thoughts on “Stories Set in Foreign Lands

  1. tripfiction says:

    Love that you are taken with the notion of books that are set in/strong on location. It is such a brilliant way to explore a new place “see a location through the eyes of an author”…

    1. Stella says:

      Yes, it’s a great idea! A good writer can often give you a better insight into a place than being there 🙂

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